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Back of House, Front of Mind

“Back of House, Front of Mind” is a podcast presented by Healthy Mind Menu, an industry-led initiative that aims to improve the lives and normalise conversations around mental health for those working in the hospitality industry.

Welcome, Lachie Sheridan

Introducing Lachie Sheridan, the creative force behind the viral social media account “Perth Dude Food.” With an impressive 15-year background as a chef, Lachie’s culinary journey has been nothing short of remarkable.

After transitioning away from full-time restaurant work around 2013, Lachie ventured into catering and also took on roles as a business development and food sales account manager with a couple of Perth-based food service companies. The unexpected twist of the pandemic led him to Santini Grill & the Old Laundry, where he seamlessly adapted to the changing landscape.

In 2020, Lachie embarked on an amusing venture by launching a food-themed Instagram account. This playful platform served as a light-hearted response to lackluster food bloggers and critics, reflecting his genuine disdain for those who lacked authentic hospitality experience.

What sets Lachie apart is his rare blend of profound culinary knowledge, a sincere appreciation for his subjects, and an innate comfort within kitchen settings. This fusion of traits brings a distinct charm to his content, rendering it both captivating and endearing.

The real surprise came with Lachie’s foray into TikTok, where his presence exploded in popularity. This unforeseen development prompted him to shift gears once more, crafting food-related content not only for personal accounts but also for others, including significant businesses. At present, his days are consumed with creating engaging food content that resonates far beyond his initial expectations.


Can you tell us about your career and how you got to where you are today?

Started my apprenticeship in 2004/5 and left full time in restaurant work around 2013. Did some catering work after that.
Worked as a business development & food sales account manager for a couple of Perth-based food service companies.

Then covid, worked at Santini Grill & the Old Laundry.

Started a food Insta account as a bit of a joke towards bad food bloggers & food critics in 2020. I’ve never liked the bad ones that have never experienced proper hard-working hospitality etc.
By just trying hard I got really good at food photography & then videos of food. I have I think a very rare combination of deep knowledge and care for the food that I’m filming, epic videos & comfort in a kitchen that makes my videos & photos very unique & likeable.

Started a TikTok account (again as a joke thinking it was stupid) … blew up. Now I make food content for others for their own accounts full time & for big biz.

Explain the reasons why mental well-being has become important to you. 

No one will ever understand why some things trigger you and others make you calm unless they’ve been through kitchen services and years themselves. It’s not until you’ve removed yourself from the kitchen work that you really notice how much of a mental battle you endured and most of the time I believe for no reason. But it does develop great friendships & a brotherhood that will never leave you due to shared experiences however bad.

Can you tell us about a person who has had a significant impact on your life?

My first head chef was very firm but very fair and made a distinct definition between doing something perfect or not doing it at all, and was very calm in his approach (most of the time). This has stayed with me throughout my whole life because it’s an attitude that is transferable to anything you do. Keep trying, you’ve got extremely good at one thing before so there’s no reason with the same attitude and repetitions you can’t do the same with other aspects of your life.

Also my dad

What is something you’re currently working on that you’re excited about?

Mine & Tim’s new podcast – No Crying In The Coolroom. Out soon…

If you could simplify your philosophy on life, how are you living? What do you tell yourself each morning when you wake up?

I never stress about what happened the day before, unless it is significant enough that I need to address it. This is something Cheffing helped with.

How do you approach goal setting and achieving success?

If you wanna do something just start trying. You’ll fail hard & it’ll suck for a bit, but just don’t quit & suddenly you’ll just have done it.

How do you inspire wellbeing in those around you?

Laugh at dumb shit.


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