Toolkit Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing for Hospitality

The hospitality industry has long been known for its fast-paced environment, demanding schedules, and high-pressure work conditions. The COVID-19 pandemic only exacerbated these challenges, leaving hospitality workers facing increased uncertainty and stress.

Collaborative Endeavours: HMM x ECU Research Project

In response to the pressing need for research and support within this sector, Healthy Mind Menu charity announced its partnership with the Centre for Work + Wellbeing at Edith Cowan University (ECU).

Australia’s First Employer Toolkit for Promoting Mental Health & Wellbeing in Western Australia’s Hospitality Sector

The ultimate goal of this collaboration is to create a Employer Toolkit that will guide hospitality venues in prioritising the mental health and wellbeing of their staff. By understanding the unique needs and challenges faced by WA hospitality workers, the toolkit will provide practical strategies and resources to support their wellbeing. 

Insights from The State of Mental Health & Wellbeing for Western Australian Hospitality Workers Report 2023-2024

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In 2022, thanks to the support of 35 hospitality venues across WA and the generosity of donors, we raised funds to conduct comprehensive research into the state of the hospitality sector here in Western Australia. 

This report has been prepared by the ECU Centre for Work & Wellbeing. Thank you to our Chief Investigator, Dr Esme Franken, and Advisors Professor Tim Bentley, Associate Professor Ben Farr-Wharton, and Co-Authors Dr Hossein Ali Abadi, and Dr Abid Hussain.

Healthy Mind Menu would like to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of our 2022 sponsors and hospitality venue partners for their fundraising efforts and support.

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