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Back of House, Front of Mind is a podcast presented by Healthy Mind Menu, an industry-led initiative that aims to improve lives and normalise conversations around mental health for those working in the hospitality industry.

Hosted by Angela and Paisley, in each episode, we’ll be diving into different topics related to mental health and chatting with experts and friends in the industry. 

Let’s make sure mental health in the hospitality industry is always on the menu! 

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Back of House, Front of Mind with Chris Harris

Chris Harris, The Psychology of Wellbeing

Chris Harris, a seasoned psychologist and mental health expert with over 30 years of experience. Chris is the Co-Founder and Board Member of Healthy Mind Menu, as well as the Head of Mental Health at Mineral Resources Limited. He’s made significant contributions to the field, including founding several mental health services in Western Australia and serving as the first Mental Health Advisor to HRH The Prince of Wales’ Prince’s Trust in the UK. Chris has a wealth of knowledge, having co-written peer-reviewed articles and presented his work globally. Get ready for a valuable conversation on mental health.

Front of House, Back of Mind Podcast with Scott Alfonso

Scott Alfonso, Hot Kitchens and Hot Yoga

Scott Alfonso, a yoga teacher, student, and occasional chef. Scott has spent nearly 20 years working in the hospitality industry - bartending, waiting, and the majority of his time as a chef. He started work in New York before relocating to Australia. He has worked in bars, restaurants, yachts, private chef work, functions, and everything in between. Scott has been teaching yoga for about 2.5 years now and is due to finish his master's degree in counselling. His journey encompasses "a lot of hard work and understanding of self and prioritsation of mental health."

Anneke Brown & Healthy Mind Menu

Anneke Brown, Celebrating Women in Hospitality

Join us in this episode as we celebrate International Women's Day with Anneke Brown. Anneke has spent her 25-year career traveling the world with hospitality. She is a founding member and Acting Chair of Women in Tourism and Hospitality WA, and a Commissioner on the Board of Tourism WA. She is also a proud and devoted mother to a gorgeous three-year-old boy. Anneke’s international experience includes roles at Aman Resorts. As the global Director of Training for Aman Resorts, Anneke was part of the project team for 8 resort openings in Cambodia, India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and the Caribbean. In Australia, Anneke’s management roles include Moondance Lodge in Margaret River, Resort Manager of the iconic Longitude 131 at Uluru, and General Manager of COMO The Treasury, Perth. Anneke’s passion for Western Australia and the tourism industry led to her forming her consultancy business Anneke Brown Consulting in 2020, specialising in hospitality and tourism projects.

Greg Leaver & Healthy Mind Menu

Greg Leaver, Building a Hospo Family

Join us as we sit down with Greg Leaver, who has been part of the hospitality industry for 25 years. From humble beginnings as the owner of a small book cafe on Wray Avenue, X-Wray Cafe in Fremantle, Greg has grown to co-own four successful venues, including Strange Company, Ronnie Nights, Al Lupo, and a local cafe. With a team of 35 employees spread across these venues, Greg shares his insights on building a Hospo Family and fostering a culture of fun and respect. From menu development to staff welfare, we delve into the life of a hands-on hospitality entrepreneur.​

James Connolly, Work-Life Balance & Booze

James Connolly is a highly experienced bartender from Perth, Australia, with an impressive career spanning over 15 years. Throughout this time, he has held various roles in the hospitality industry, primarily focused on bars, including running small establishments like El Publico, Defectors, and Enrique's, as well as more significant venues such as Long Chim and the Ark Group. This year James is opening his own wine bar in Bassendean, Bertie. The new venue represents a significant milestone in his career and offers him the opportunity to showcase his creativity and passion for hospitality in a new setting. Over the years, James has gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the bar industry, winning competitions and developing a reputation as a highly skilled bartender. However, he also recognises the challenges that come with being surrounded by alcohol and has learned the importance of maintaining a healthy and respectful relationship with alcohol.

Alex Paioff, Create A life You Love

Join us as we sit down with Alex Paioff, Managing Director of MITP Agency & Pilerats, Part owner of music venues Jack Rabbit Slims and Lucy's Love Shack. Alex's work in these businesses has been recognsed in AMID's Top 50 Most Powerful in the Australian Music and Entertainment Industry, where he was ranked No. 41, and as a finalist in the West Australian Young Achiever Awards. Throughout his experience, Alex has owned and re-established music venues, executed several major music festivals, established a cultural website with over 150,000 unique visitors per month, progressed the UI of digital magazines, and built creative arms that output video, design, augmented reality, and comprehensive social media marketing campaigns. Through his agency, Made in the Pile, Alex hopes to reshape the marketing space by producing campaigns that people love to share and providing genuine value and insight to each of the businesses they work with.

Kate O'Hara & Jennifer Tartaglia

Kate O'Hara & Jenny Tartaglia, Feeding Change in WA

In this episode, we sit down with Kate O'Hara, CEO of Foodbank WA, and Jennifer Tartaglia, Manager of the Nutrition Education Team, to discuss some of the pressing issues related to food in Australia. Foodbank is Australia's largest food relief organisation, providing food and groceries to charities and school breakfast programs in every state and territory. With a mission to fight hunger in Western Australia, Foodbank WA provides quality food to people in need and delivers food education that promotes healthy eating. In this episode, we dive deep into the issue of food affordability and ask the question, "Why is food so expensive?" Kate and Jenny share their insights on the reasons behind the rising cost of food and how it affects, on average, 1 in 3 West Australians.

Rachael Niall, Serving Good Habits

Rachael Niall is a highly accomplished Beverage & Business Coach, specialising in assisting entrepreneurs in the drinks and hospitality industry. With a passion for branding, product development, and alignment, Rachael supports her clients in creating successful and sustainable businesses. She recognises the importance of self-care and ensures her clients prioritise their personal well-being alongside their professional endeavours. As the founder of Tomorrow on Tap, a renowned specialty non-alcoholic drinks retail store in Perth, Rachael’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through. With her own self-funded project, she orchestrated the concept and fit-out, and now dedicates her time to sourcing products, engaging customers, and organising captivating events.

Craig Hollywood, The Power of Connection

Craig Hollywood is Western Australia’s Local Hero for 2022 as part of the Australian Of The Year Awards. He is the Founder of the volunteer-led for purpose organisation Short Back & Sidewalks, a group that provides positive connections and breaks the stigma attached to vulnerable members of the community across Australia, one free haircut at a time. SBSW was founded by Craig as a result of observing a service delivery gap within those in need in the community. He has been an active member of SBSW since its establishment, volunteering at all levels. Currently, Craig is responsible for the national expansion and strategic partnership of SBSW, and his passion and drive has helped to grow its service delivery across Australia.

Rohan Park, Chef Rizzy's Recipe for Wellbeing

Born in West Australia, Chef Rohan Park followed his family's culinary legacy after exploring other fields. He honed his skills at renowned wineries in Margaret River, developing a passion for native ingredients and foraging. Joining Fervor, he crafted unique dining experiences across Australia. Park then spearheaded the opening of Fleur, a seafood-focused restaurant in Perth that garnered numerous accolades. Partnering with James Young, he created Old Young's Kitchen, redefining dining in Swan Valley. Park's journey reflects his dedication to showcasing the best of Western Australia's flavours.


Kevin Dobson, Super Yachts, Suburbs & Self-Care

Kevin Dobson is an accomplished chef, co-owner of 3.8 Baysie, and a world-class private chef. He began his culinary journey in New Zealand, worked at renowned Australian restaurants, and even ventured into superyachts. Now settled in Perth, Kevin creates exceptional dining experiences with his unique blend of creativity and expertise at 3.8 Baysie.

Tess Crake, Sustainable Practises Distilled Success

Tess Crake serves as the General Manager of Sin Gin Distillery in the Swan Valley. Sin Gin has garnered significant recognition, including winning the prestigious Gold Tourism Award in 2022 and receiving multiple awards for their exceptional spirits.

With a degree in Tourism & Hospitality, Tess is a dedicated manager and leader with a true passion for delivering exceptional customer experiences. She consistently strives for personal and professional growth, actively seeking opportunities to enhance her skills and knowledge. Tess's commitment to continuous learning directly benefits the Sin Gin business and contributes to the development of the industry as a whole.

Caroline Taylor, Creative Food, Nourishing Culture

Caroline Taylor is a Chef, Presenter, and Hospitality Consultant with 20 years of experience in the industry. Opening her first restaurant at age 20, Swan Valley Institute Taylor’s Art and Coffee House, trained by Restranteurs Kate and Fiona Lamont, Caroline creates tasty and accessible recipes showcasing quality WA produce for the home cook.

Lachie Sheridan, Perth Dude Food, A Positive Influenza

Introducing Lachie Sheridan, the creative force behind the viral social media account “Perth Dude Food.” With an impressive 15-year background as a chef, Lachie’s culinary journey has been nothing short of remarkable.
In 2020, Lachie embarked on an amusing venture by launching a food-themed Instagram account. This playful platform served as a light-hearted response to lackluster food bloggers and critics, reflecting his genuine disdain for those who lacked authentic hospitality experience. The real surprise came with Lachie’s foray into TikTok, where his presence exploded in popularity.

Lorraine Keane & Steve Papadopoulos, Holyoake’s Helping Hands for Mental Health

For 48 years, Holyoake has been at the forefront of delivering top-tier alcohol and drug services, a vision realised by its founder, John Keating. In the early 1970s, when problem drinking was often treated as a simple disease with a “detox and sober up” approach, Keating was determined to find a more effective path. During a Churchill Fellowship in the USA, he learned innovative ways to address problem drinking, leading to the establishment of Holyoake in 1975, in partnership with Anita Day. John’s influence extended beyond Holyoake, as he played a pivotal role in founding WANADA and aiding in the establishment of Cyrenian House.

Holyoake has always been distinct in its approach, recognising early on the need for a family systems perspective in treatment and support. As the organisation matured, it also acknowledged the importance of addressing the mental well-being of its consumers, as 70% presented with co-occurring issues.

Jono Outred, 1% change, 100% legend

Meet Jono Outred, a small-scale farmer and freelance writer for the food & beverage industry.
Jono spent a decade working as a chef, operating at various levels and capacities. Throughout his career, he encountered numerous remarkable experiences as well as formidable challenges. There were times when he grappled with mental health issues, but these trials also served as invaluable learning experiences. Beyond the mere act of cooking, Jono developed a profound appreciation and love for food and the land on which it’s grown.

Ben Fossilo, Let's Taco 'Bout Community

Meet Ben Fossilo, the vibrant and energetic force behind La Cabaña and the latest hotspot, Wild In the Street. Many know him from Perth's beloved food truck, EAT NO EVIL, which he started 10 years ago. Ben's journey took him from Denmark, WA to Montenegro, with a passionate love affair with Mexican cuisine along the way.

Ben is a leader, championing mental health and wellbeing for the South Fremantle community, supporting both small businesses and local hospitality venues.

Join us as Ben shares his vibrant adventures while making a difference in his community. Get ready for an inspiring episode!

Ryan Michael, The Creative Healing Process

In this conversation, we talk with Ryan Michael, a burgeoning artist with roots in the hospitality industry. Ryan started his career as a cook and eventually earned a degree in Hospitality Management. Through this podcast episode, Ryan opens up about his mental health journey, incorporating themes of depression and suicide that are all too familiar in the hospitality industry. He shares his experiences and struggles, highlighting the challenges faced by many who work tirelessly in the fast-paced, high-stress environment. Ryan's story and artwork serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of addressing mental health concerns in this industry and finding meaningful, creative pathways to healing.

Anna Edie, Foundations of Conscious Leadership

Anna Edie is the General Manager of InterContinental Perth City Centre. She was previously General Manager at Crowne Plaza Queenstown in New Zealand and Executive Assistant Manager at Australia’s iconic Intercontinental Sydney Double Bay. Anna’s extensive hotel career has also seen her overseeing rooms division and food and beverage operations for new and established IHG hotels, including Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa, pre-opening at Holiday Inn Gwangju in Korea, Crowne Plaza Darwin and Intercontinental Shenzhen in China.

Bridget Le Grove - Caring Coastal Culture

In this episode, we have the pleasure of speaking with Bridget Le Grove, a seasoned hospitality professional with over three decades of experience. Bridget, currently serving as the venue manager at Island Market Trigg, has successfully owned and operated two coastal venues in Perth. Her remarkable journey in the hospitality industry began as a waitress at Subi Hotel, where she gradually rose to a supervisor role before making her mark at the Rydges Hotel on Hay Street in Perth City.

Jamie Wolf, For the Love of Hospo

Jamie has been working in hospitality since he was 14 where his passion for the industry was sparked during a work experience placement at a well known Perth brewery. He's worked in some of Perth's best coffee venues and is passionate about the local specialty coffee scene and providing good customer service. He has a love for people and creating community, and after immersing himself in the Perth coffee scene over the last 10 year he decided it was time to do his own thing, and started Obi coffee with his business partner CJ in 2022. This venture has provided him with the opportunity to cultivate a healthy work environment for the Obi team, with emphasis on employee wellbeing and mental health.

Amanda Yong, How To Prioritise Yourself

Amanda Yong, How To Prioritise Yourself

Perth-born Amanda Yong has over a decade of experience working in 5-star hotels, and some of Perth’s best restaurants (Wildflower & Rockpool) and has owned her own café and her own brand Tartes by Amanda. She currently teaches full-time at Empyrean Education Institute where she trains new people coming into the industry. Amanda discovered her culinary passion throughout her younger years growing up in Singapore. Not always interested in academics, Amanda excelled at the At-Sunrice Global Chef Academy in Singapore where she graduated with a Diploma in Pastry and Bakery Arts. Amanda also co-founded Project WOMN, an initiative based on a series of pop-up charity food and wine pairing dinners featuring all-women chefs and entrepreneurs from WA. Amanda was also crowned WA's Young achiever of the year 2019 for the restaurant and catering Australia.

Jerry Fraser, The Oysterman

Jerry Fraser, The Oysterman

In this episode, we are delighted to feature Jerry Fraser, also known as "The Oysterman," who runs a freelance oyster bar business. With forty years of hospitality experience across five continents, Jerry specialises in catering to international and interstate events, along with various venues and restaurants in WA. Presently, he lends his expertise to eight different venues, demonstrating his commitment to delivering exceptional oyster experiences.

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