• Mental health is the top concern for under 25’s in Australia
  • 25% of young people would not confide in someone if they were having problems
  • 78% of young people still think there is a stigma attached to mental ill-health
  • There were 3,128 deaths by suicide in Australia in 2017
  • Industry sources estimate about 563 of those deaths were from the hospitality industry (abc.net.au, 21/5/19)

This course will provide you with information and practical tips which you can apply to your life and daily habits while improving your mental health literacy.


  • 104,000 tourism, hotels & hospitality workers in Western Australia
  • Injecting $11.8 billion into the Western Australian economy by Gross State Product
  • 80% of hospitality workers report mental health issues are the greatest challenge – depression, anxiety, mania
  • More work needs to be done to help workers to feel comfortable checking in with each other
  • Most hospitality workers do not seek help because of shame (Kotera et al, 2018a)
  • 44% of hospitality workers would not talk to anyone if they had a problem (Kotera et al, 2018b)
  • 90% hospitality workers believe reporting stress would hinder career progression (CV-library, 2016)


The Healthy Mind Menu and Pyramid has been designed to help improve awareness, provide resources and promote wellness and the development of more collaborative workplaces with mental health in mind.

The key elements that make up the Healthy Mind Pyramid are:

  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Connectedness
  • Physical Activity
  • Downtime

The Healthy Mind Menu online course will cover the above 5 topics in modules that provide you with practical information and tips which can be applied to your life and daily habits.



Module 1:  Sleep

Module 2:  Nutrition

Module 3:  Connectedness

Module 4:  Physical Activity

Module 5:  Downtime




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