La Cabaña in South Fremantle has mental health on the menu!

Yesterday, Healthy Mind Menu had the pleasure of joining our dear friends at La Cabana in South Fremantle for a remarkable afternoon of well-being and camaraderie.

Our coordinator, Paisley facilitated a Mental Health Wellbeing workshop, where we delved into the depths of the Healthy Mind pyramid and explored the five essential ingredients for maintaining optimal mental well-being: sleep, nutrition, connection, physical movement, and downtime.

The day started with a check-in, where we reflected on what was currently occupying our plates in terms of mental well-being. It was a valuable exercise that allowed us to identify areas that needed attention and balance. We then embarked on an insightful brainstorming session, where we collectively generated ideas on how to achieve a more harmonious and balanced mental state.

To equip ourselves with practical tools for relaxation and stability, we engaged in mindfulness techniques and breath-work. These skills were not only beneficial for the moments on shift but could be practiced anywhere, making them invaluable assets in our daily lives.

As the workshop progressed, we began crafting a special Well-being Menu for the restaurant. The goal was to incorporate healthy practices that nourish the team. The team at La Cabana enthusiastically contributed, offering a plethora of creative and insightful suggestions.

It was truly heartening to witness the dedication of La Cabana’s team to prioritise mental health and well-being. This initiative goes beyond a single event or workshop; it sets a precedent for an ongoing commitment to supporting their staff and patrons in achieving and maintaining mental wellness.

Well done, team!

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