2020 Christmas Video

Looking after your mental health during the festive season

For many people the festive season is an exciting time to connect with other, to celebrate, to reflect on the year and to plan for the forthcoming year. But for others it can be a very stressful time of year. 

Wile ideally the Christmas season should be a time of joy, laughter and cheerfulness, many of us find it an exhausting, lonely or stressful time. This is often the case for hospitality workers.  

There are a number of factors that can increase psychological distress over the Christmas period including finances, loneliness, sadness, self-reflection and anxiety which can be related to expectation, competition and socialising.

Sadly, there is sometimes little thought given to those who work in the industry that caters for many of the social events over the holiday season –  hospitality staff. With busy kitchens, bars and hotels, the pressure is on more than any other time of year.

With the help of leading WA chefs and hospitality figured, the Healthy Mind Menu Inc have prepared this video to help hospitality staff keep mental health front of mind during the Christmas holidays. 

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